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Baldone Story trails

The Great Circle

The Small Circle

Riekstukalna Trail

Mercendarbe Trail

Welcome to Baldone! Walk one of the story trails and discover the natural and cultural richness of Baldone with the help of the audio guide. By following the red marks, you can walk the great circle, which is about 20 km long and features 16 tourist attractions. By following the blue marks, you can walk the small circle – an 8 km long story trail, which features nine tourist attractions. The small circle is also suitable for cycling. Way markings and a map available for download through the QR code will help you find the way in nature.

Baldone is famous for its healing resources – medicinal mud and mineral water springs, which contributed to Baldone’s prosperity as a resort town until the end of the 20th century.

Baldone is home to several remarkable architectural objects - Baldone Church, built at the beginning of the 19th century, Baldone Manor - also called White Castle, which was built as a hunting lodge for Adam Mickiewicz, head of the Baltic Agricultural and State Property Administration - and the castle park, as well as Mercendarbe Manor of the Lieven family - founders of the first resort in Baldone. Today the manor is home to Baldone Museum.

Baldone is surrounded by hills, which locals call “kalni” meaning mountains - Riekstukalns, Morisona kalns, Jēzītes or Ezītes kalns, Dālderu kalns, Vanagkalni, Doļu kalns, and Kazu kalni. The highest is Riekstukalns, where surrounded by forests, lies a unique scientific object - the Astrophysics Observatory with the largest Schmidt telescope in the Baltics. Close by is skiing resort “Riekstukalns”, therefore Baldone has the most skiing and snowboarding routes in Latvia. In summer, there are summer attractions for children and adults.

Tales about the Baldone story trails can go on and on. Distant landscapes, beautiful forests, low bogs, lovely lakes, and many other stopping points make it a unique experience. Walk the Baldone story trail and create your own unique story while discovering Baldone’s hidden treasures!