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Baldone Walk of Senses

Stories tell that the sulphuric water of Baldone was so healing that people came a long way from near and far to reach the famous city with the healing water. Thanks to the healing water Baldone over centuries became a famous health resort.

 “Baldone Walk of Senses” both directly and in a figurative sense symbolizes the road people took to restore health. The long road towards health has been different – bathing in the sulphuric water, mud baths and massages, long walks in Baldone pine forests. The Walk of Senses symbolizes natural resources that assisted the ill in regaining their health!

Mud baths

Mud to heal and invigorate the Baldone resort guests was extracted from the Dūņu purvs bog until the 1960s. Guests took the baths right at Ceriņu Park at the resorts’ bathhouse. Mud for the Walk of Senses is brought from Dūņu purvs bog to bring the original refreshment and strength.

Narrow-gauge railway

The narrow-gauge railway was built in 1921 using the railway sections from the World War I. The railway was used by the historic Baldone-Ikšķile horsecar the locals used to call “trulītis”, which provided transportation for guests to reach the resort.

Baldone forests

More than half of Baldone Municipality is covered with forests, therefore, Baldone is an excellent place for long walks in the fresh air. The forest is characteristic with the straight and tall pine trees Pinus rigensis Loudon, which are famous also outside of Latvian borders.

The Walk of Senses was created in 2018 during the Celebration of Baldone Municipality thanks to the initiative and devotion of Baldone inhabitants.

800-meter-long path is next to Baldone healing spring in the Ceriņu Park. We invite everyone to bless yourself with feelings characteristic to Baldone!

Walk the path barefoot slowly enjoying each step to let the power of nature heal you.

Ceriņu parks, Rīgas iela 54, Baldone
LAT: 56.7421, LON: 24.4039