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Beeswax by Emily

Since ancient times, wax has taken on a special place in people’s housekeeping. For thousands of years, wax was used as an important trade and exchange product. In the old days, it was widely used in everyday life. Wax was used for the production of paints, rubbing clothes and ropes for protection against moisture, production of stamps, writing, and embalming. Wax writing tablets were very popular with Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans. Sculptors in ancient times were very fond of wax as a raw material, painters used it to produce lasting paints. People made large quantities of wax candles.

When there were no lighting devices, people used candles for light, as well as for various religious and magical rituals. Nowadays, candles are used as a significant interior object to create a mood both on holidays and in everyday life.

“Emīlijas bišu vasks” (Beeswax by Emily) is a brand developed by Normunds Graustiņš family-owned company producing wax candles and related products. They offer candles that are made of human and nature harmless and natural material - beeswax, which distinguishes this product from candles made of nature and human harmful materials such as paraffin and gel.

Beeswax is a natural product that forms in special glands of bees - the wax mirrors. Bees use wax to form the structure of their home - the cells. In the cells bees store honey, pollen, bee bread and grow new bees. The new wax is white; it becomes yellow from the honey and pollen stored in the cells. Due to the different applications of the cells, the wax gains a unique aroma. By burning a wax candle, the melted wax partially evaporates and fills the room with a pleasant scent. Wax burns without residue evaporating in the air essential oils.

About production

“Emīlijas bišu vasks” products include wax lamps, wax decorations, flower candles, tea candles, and anniversary cake candles.

Wax lamp looks marvellous both in daylight and in the twilight. In the light, it is more of a design object, but in the dawn when the lamp is lit up it gives a very gentle light and smell. Unlike a candle, the light is much softer because the flame is not visible so it does not dazzle the eyes. When the flame lights up the wax walls of the lamp, it seems that it shines itself. Therefore, however, the wax lamp gives much more light than metal, ceramic or dark glass tea candle-sticks with higher walls.

The bee wax lamp will fill the room not only with light but also with a pleasant, natural aroma. The smell will be felt even if you use stearin (solid fatty acid mix) tea candle. The lamp will smell much more vigorously when a candle burns inside. The producer recommends using beeswax tea candles to achieve a completely natural scent.

Candles “Roll Yourself!”

Turns out that candles can be not only dipped, but also rolled, and this can be done quickly and easily. To create a sense of holidays, it is not only the things that are important but also the creation of them. Therefore, Latvians have always baked pies, collected herbs and plants, painted eggs and dipped candles. To make it easier “Emīlijas bišu vasks” has created a set “Candles. Roll Yourself!” You can learn more about how to roll candles here:


The production is available in Baldone at the flower shop “Meldra”, Riga Street 67, as well in stores throughout Latvia. 

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