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Book for kids “Little Money learns to understand money” („Naudiņš mācās saprast naudu”)

Authors of the book Jolanta and Kristīne (Kristīne lives in Baldone) are mothers and financial experts with a tremendous desire to make the world a better place by raising a financially more successful young generation. They have issued a book for 5-10-year-old children “Little Money learns to understand money”, and started a movement Teaching children about money.

Read more about the book, authors and reader reviews at www.berniemparnaudu.lv
The movement Teaching children about money - Bērniem par naudu on Facebook: @BerniemParNaudu
The song “Good to read books” („Labi lasīt grāmatas”): ww.youtube.com/watch?v=VCpMx6TEanA

Contact information:

The book is available in Baldone at the flower shop “Meldra”, Rīgas iela 67, in the stand “Made in Baldone”, and at the bookstore of Jānis Roze.

Kristīne Vilcāne

+371 29473372;