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Baldone Museum

Baldone museum is located in Mercendarbe manor - one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings of Baldone. Museum invites to see the exposition “Road to the Baldone Resort”, as well as thematic and art exhibitions. Visitors  of the museum also are able to receive additional information upon request, as well as to view the unexposed museum collection under the supervision of a museum expert.
The mission of the Baldone museum is to collect, preserve and study historical evidence of Baldone resort, Baldone city, its surroundings and inhabitants, promoting visitors' interest in Baldone's cultural and historical heritage and understanding of Baldone's significance in the hostory of Latvia.

Opening hours:

Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.:   10:00 - 17:00
Sat.:   10:00 - 15:00
Sun., Mon.:   Closed

Contact information:

Mercendarbes muiža, Baldones pag., Baldones nov., Latvija, LV-2125
+371 29 149 420
www: Baldones muzejs
GPS: LAT: 56.7656, LON: 24.4311