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The landscape of Riga from the observation tower in Riekstukalns

Would you like to see the tallest buildings and towers in Riga? Climb the observation tower in Riekstukalns! In 2018, on one of the slopes of Riekstukalns, a 19.2-meter-high metal tower was built. From the tower, one can admire the unique landscape of Latvia, as well as the scenery of Riga with the historic towers and the most significant high-rise buildings, as well as the green hills of Baldone and the neighboring regions.

In historical sources, it is mentioned that in 1937 the Society for the Improvement of Baldone built a wooden viewing tower in Riekstukalns. The new tower was built as a result of the cooperation between Baldone County Municipality and Ltd. “Riekstu kalns”.

The new tourist attraction is a public infrastructure and accessible to visitors free of charge.

The tower is in the newest part of the Riekstukalns recreation complex (in the former part of Mežkalni Hill).

LAT: 56.77502  LON: 24.401669