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Ulmanis Hill

On September 7, 1935, the famous Baldone resort and sulphur spring were visited by the then Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Kārlis Ulmanis.

During the visit, Kārlis Ulmanis met with Baldone district Senior Jānis Priede, Director of the sulphur spring Dr. Arvets Kēsis, and other representatives, discussing various important issues related to the development of Baldone resort, from which at that time the most current issue was the installation of a modern swimming pool. During the visit, on the small hill near the oak the Prime Minister gave a speech, and in honour of this event a memorial stone was set up in this place, henceforth, this place is called "Ulmanis Hill" or "Ulmanis Stone" to this day. On the memorial stone is written: "At this oak, on September 7, 1935, Prime Minister Kārlis Ulmanis addressed the nation." When Kārlis Ulmanis returned to Riga, about 200 people greeted him.

The Hill is located on the right bank of the Ķekaviņa river, at Riga street 83, Baldone.
LAT: 56.7424, LON 24.3994