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County Baldone


Baldone is best known for its natural resources – healing mud and underground mineral water, which have facilitated the development of resort recreation and medical facilities here throughout the centuries. Historically Baldone has been the largest sulphur and climate resort in the Russian Empire and a resort of national importance of the Soviet Union.    

Natural resources, the healing power of which has made Baldone known even outside national borders, can still be found in the territory of County Baldone. Although mud extraction fields are not open to public, Baldone sulphur spring “Ķirzaciņa” (the lizard) still purls near Ķekaviņa river in the territory of Baldone Lilac park. Here You can taste the sulphur water, whose miraculous healing powers have brought countless vacationers to Baldone throughout the centuries.

The territory of County Baldone holds several noteworthy objects of architecture - hunting castle of Baltic head forester panne Mickevich, better known as the “White castle” and park, Mercendarbe manor, which used to belong to the former owners of Baldone health resort - Von Liven family with the linden ally, as well as Baldone Lutheran church, built in the beginning of 19th century, which, according to a legend, was once connected to Mercendarbe manor by a secret underground tunnel.   

County Baldone is surrounded by small hills. The highest one “Riekstukalns” is the home of a unique object - 12th biggest observatory in Europe with the Schmidt telescope, which is one of the largest telescopes of its kind in the world. In one of the hollows of another hill “Vanagkalns” an open-air stage for summer concerts and dances has been built.    

In winter time Baldone is a place for winter sports activities. “Riekstu kalns” is one of the biggest ski base in the country. Therefore Baldone is one of the places in Latvia with the biggest number of snowboard, slalom and cross-country skiing trails.

The story about County Baldone could go on and on - telling You about its natural treasures and memorial sites up to some modern sports and recreation facilities.  However, better come and see for Yourself!